Friday, 15 May 2009


Once upon a time...there was a girl called cinderella,she was sad because she hadn't a fella.Her stepmother was was wicked and cruel,she even liked the odd game of pool,her sisters were ugly you know what i mean,they really weren't meant to be queen.they treated cinderella as their maid she worked so hard and didn't get paid,cooking,cleaning washing pots was all this work ever to stop.One day a letter came , which was readout loud by the wicked Dame. It is an invitation for us all to attend the prince's ball.Cinderella asked if she could go but her stepmother shoted "No,No,No,there isn't an invitation for you you've got far too much housework to do.The night of the ball arrived and cinderella cried and cried,her stepmother and sisters would be there all dressed up in frocks and fancy hair,cinderella thought it just isn't fair, the three of them really don't care.Then out of nowhere came a little fairy,who was small and fat and kind of hairy,she said "cinderella there's no need to be wary,i'm your fairygodmother and me name's mary,if we hurry you'll be on time although it's neary half past nine".The fairy waved her magic wand and cinderella was transformed,from raggy girl with scraggy hair,into disco queen the best the prince had ever seen.The fairy sent her on her way and cinderella heard her say "be back before the last stroke of twelve or else you'll be turned back into your old self".Cinderella danced with the prince,she danced and danced and did not stop,she danced until she nearly dropped,as the clock began to chime,cinderella said " it's time for me to go" and did a runner out the door, on the stairs she lost her shoe and didn't know what to do,so she left it there and ran home as fast as she could through the dark and scary woods.Cinderella was home just in time as the clock sounded it's last chime.In the morning as cinderella awoke a voice beside her softly spoke,it was the prince and he said"come on get out of bed,please try on this shoe,if it fits i'll marry you".Cinderella did as she was asked,stepmother and sisters were aghast.The shoe fitted cinderella just right,it wasn't loose or even too tight.Cinderella jumped out of bed ran off with the prince and they were wed.The End.
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